Screen Door Repair

Rest and relaxation are important factors for healthy wellbeing. Enjoy the comfort and coziness of your homes or offices by maintaining your screen doors. Screen doors are usually affected by wears and tears, and discolorations caused by weather elements and human mishandling. You need to hire a screen door repair to fix any damage. This will prevent some critters from entering your home or office causing harm to you and your family.

Screen Door Repair

Check the extent of damage by rolling the door forward and backward before fixing the issues. These will enable you to know the items needed for the repairs.

Items Needed for Screen Door Repair

Some of the tools and materials you need for your screen door maintenance include

  • 1. An awl
  • 2. Screwdriver
  • 3. A spline
  • 4. New screen.
  • 5. Utility knife.
  • 6. Rollers
  • 7. Latch
  • 8. A pair of scissors.
  • 9. A spline installation tool.

The Steps for Repairing Screen Doors

Here are some useful steps that will help you in repairing your screen doors.

Remove the Sliding Screen

Before replacing the door, gently raise the damaged sliding screen on the track and push it forward or backward. With the support of the rollers underneath it, you can pull the base out of the frame. Carefully, carry the door and pull the edges out of the framework. Then, lower it on the floor.

Measure and Cut the New Screen

Measure the new screen in a way it will extend beyond the frame. This is to avoid cutting it shorter than the frame. After this, you can trim it to a perfect size but allow one or two inches on all corners. The overlapping edges will make it fit into the framework very well.

Install the new screen on the frame

After measuring and cutting the new screen to the size of your door, you will fix it into the frame using a spline installation tool. This equipment has two rollers known as the concave rollers and convex rollers. With the help of both rollers, you can easily secure the new screen by holding and clipping the spline.

Hold the new spline; you may also reuse the old one if it is suitable for the job. Place the spline over the groove and align it on top of the screen. Apply the concave rollers and clip it into position. Continue rolling it forward all over the frame.

At this stage, using one hand, grip the screen firmly and continue rolling the spline with the other hand. If you do not follow this rule, the screen may bunch in some edges. With the aid of the convex rollers, you can push the spline into the corners of the frame, causing it to form a right angle.

You can ensure the spline is correctly and firmly fitted into the frame by using the convex roller and pressing it inside.

Use the Utility Knife and Cut off Extra Screen

During your construction, there may be excess spline and screen shooting out from the frame. It is time to trim them off. Simply, chop off extra materials by cutting along the inside of the framework over the spline. This process will give you a fine screen door construction with neat borders.


Screen door repair is a great experience if you do it yourself. Get all the items and materials needed for the construction. Start by removing the damaged sliding screen from the frame with the aid of the rollers. Measure the screen and cut it to size. Install the screen in the frame using a spline installation tool. Apply a utility knife to cut and trim the screen to fit the frame. You have successfully repaired and maintained a screen door by Door repair Vaughan.